Research Projects

Historic and digital technologies, including complex weaving, electronic fabrics and interactive garments are examined alongside crucial questions of sustainability, ethics and the environmental footprint of material practices. Experiments with methods, processes and interdisciplinary modes of thinking will shape the future of textiles, material objects and charged experiential spaces.

Current faculty-led projects:

Joanna Berzowska with Sandeep Bagwhati — :body:suit:score (SSHRC-funded project).

Kelly Thompson — Material Codes, Ephemeral Traces (FRQSC-funded project) and  The Material Turn (exhibition co-curated with Whitefeather Hunter)

Barbara Layne with Lauren Osmond — Maxwell’s Equations (SSHRC-funded project).

Barbara Layne with Janis Jefferies and Mohammed Soleymani — The Enchantment of Textiles (SSHRC-funded project).

Kathleen Vaughan — Tissus urbains : cartes textiles de promenades dans la nature urbaine

pk langshaw — Parachute dévoilé

Current student and affiliate research projects:

Geneviève Moisan with Muhammad Mustafa Tahseen — Up Patching! (FOYER Fellowship-funded project).

Sophia Borowska with Marlon Kroll and Cedric Laurenty — Tactual Realities: Weaving Virtual Environments (T&M Research Cluster-funded project).

Alexandra Bachmayer and Vanessa Mardirossian (in collaboration with WhiteFeather Hunter and Geneviève Moisan) — The Bactinctorium (T&M Research Cluster-funded project).

WhiteFeather Hunter — Artist residency at Sporobole Centre en art actuel/ Université de Sherbrooke.