Access Policy + Space Bookings (Summer 2021)

For all Embroidery Software bookings, please contact the Research Support Technician at Two Cluster members may use the software at a time.

For all Cluster Commons (EV 10.730) bookings, please contact the Cluster Coordinator at One Cluster member may use the space at a time.


Access to the T&M Facilities is slowly becoming available on a priority basis (essential projects only). We have established protocols to create the safest working conditions, but expect members to work remotely (i.e. off campus) whenever possible.

Getting access to the T&M facilities involves multiple steps:


You will have access to the space, but your activity in the T&M labs must be coordinated with the technician, on a priority basis. Before your access is enabled, you will need to take the COVID training and quiz, which can be found in the Moodle section of your MyConcordia page. Every week, you will need to complete the Self-Evaluation form also found in MyConcordia. It takes 24 hours for the Self-Evaluations to be updated each week. Reach out to the Coordinator (me) if your access card is not working.


1. Make a request using to the Coordinator that includes a statement of usage via the Google form available here:

The request will be reviewed by the Co-Directors, Barbara Layne and Kathleen Vaughan, in consultation with the Research Support Technician and Research Coordinator.

2. If your access request is approved, the Co-Directors will submit your name to the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts. It will take several days for the Dean’s Office to process the names.

3. Following approval, there will be several more steps to gain access to the building and then to the spaces, including COVID training and a quiz (through your MyConcordia portal). Your access card will probably need to be updated through Anna and the Milieux staff.

Projects will be evaluated by the Co-directors, Research Support Technician, and Research Coordinator. This form does not guarantee access to the facilities, but it will allow the T&M staff to assess whether the project can be supported at this time. Please note that T&M will not be able to support any new, large-scale projects this semester. We also ask that members have some level of proficiency with the requested equipment.

Lastly, all shared spaces (Milieux kitchen, nerve centre, resource room, and atelier) will be generally inaccessible to both Faculty and students during the Fall 2020 term.



We have set up a Google calendar where you can check the availability of the Cluster Commons (EV 10.730) (above)…and a printed copy will be included on the Cluster Commons (EV 10.730) door and updated weekly. Only one person may book the Cluster Commons at a time.

To book this space, please e-mail Anna at

The equipment rooms (including the Jacquard, Tajima, Brother Embroidery machine, etc) will be booked by Gen using the Web Checkout system (as per usual).

Please e-mail Gen at to book this equipment. Note that remote work will be encouraged whenever possible.


All Cluster members will be expected to follow the government-recommended sanitary measures, which include:

○ maintaining a two-metre distance from other members
○ washing hands frequently (there is a sink with anti-bacterial soap in the Cluster Commons)
○ wiping down any surfaces/tools that you use with disinfectant when you leave the space
○ wearing a mask when sharing space with other members (the mask can be removed when you are the only one in the room)

We have set up a sign-in sheet in each Cluster space where we expect members to sign in and out as well as indicate which tools/surfaces they have used and clean accordingly (supplies provided). For any questions or concerns regarding sanitary measures, please reach out to Gen at


The Embroidery Software is available remotely, so all registered students and faculty have access (using the Concordia VPN). Two members may book the software at a time. If you would like to book this software, please e-mail Gen at