Student Grants

The Textiles & Materiality Research Cluster offers three different student member grants:

  • *Travel Grant (1-year) – up to $400 within North America, up to $700 International
  • Individual Research Grant (1-year) – up to $800
  • Seed Grant (Team Funding) (1-year) – up to $1500 for two applicants

*currently unavailable

NEXT GRANT DEADLINE: Monday April 17, 2023, 5 p.m.

Applications should be e-mailed to

Eligibility: Students must be actively engaged T&M Cluster members and registered at Concordia University in order to qualify for grants. Students must have been an active member of the TM Cluster for a minimum of 3 months before applying.

Grants are intended for students who are committed to Textiles & Materiality as their primary cluster. If T&M is not the primary cluster and special circumstances apply, students may write a one-page letter of request to the T&M Director justifying an exception to this rule. The letter must be received two weeks prior to the application deadline.

The maximum number of grants awarded in one academic year (June 1 to May 31) are: one Seed Grant OR one Individual Grant, PLUS one Travel Grant. The maximum amount of awards for all years of an individual’s program is $3000. Final reports for one research grant held must be filed before a second research grant can be applied for.

Normally, students graduating within three months of the grant deadline are not eligible. Exceptionally, for the spring 2023 competition, eligible students who are completing the programs by September 1, 2023 may apply for an individual grant, on the understanding that the work must be completed by December 31, 2023. That said, applications from students who are continuing their studies into the 2023-24 academic year will be prioritized.

Grant selection is through an adjudication committee consisting of faculty members active in the T&M cluster.

Students applying for a new grant must first have completed the Final Report Form for the previous grant awarded (see below for link to form).


  • apply for a SEED/TEAM GRANT:

    • apply for a TRAVEL GRANT

    For more information on grant eligibility or upcoming deadlines, please contact us.


    Fill out the FINAL REPORT FORM (for grant recipients only) within one month of the project completion.

    Grants are active for (1) year (but no longer than 4 months following graduation). If a continuing student who has received a grant is unable to complete their project within the one-year period, they may be eligible for a 6-month extension upon request, to be submitted to the Research Coordinator.  Students who have graduated are not eligible for any extensions.

    Any substantial changes to the project and/or budget (over 10%) must be approved by the grant committee. Please e-mail the Research Coordinator with all updates.


    Winners of the eleventh round of grants include: Amélie Bélanger (Individual), Patricia Enns (Individual), Shaya Ishaq (Individual), and Leah Watts (Individual). More on their projects, here.

    Winners of the tenth round of grants include: Megan Stein (Individual). More on her project, here.

    Winners of the ninth round of grants include: Natasha Lavdovsky (Individual), Molly-Claire Gillet (Individual), and Alessia Signorino with collaborators Isabelle Charette and Nina Parenteau (Seed). More on their projects, here.

    Winners of the eight round of grants include: Shelley Ouellet (Individual) and Alessia Signorino (Travel). More on their projects, here.

    Winners of the seventh round of grants include: Amélie Bélanger (Individual), Anna Eyler (Travel), Molly-Claire Gillett (Individual), Kelly Arlene Grant (Individual), Cecilia McKinnon (Individual), and Etta Sandry (Travel). More on their projects, here.

    Winners of the sixth round of grants include: Alyse Tunnell with collaborators Jessica Bebenek and Mariana Stabile (Seed). More on their project, here.

    Winners of the fifth round of grants include: Kelly Arlene Grant (Individual), Elizabeth Johnson (Individual), Ryth Kesselring (Individual), Kay Niedermayer (Individual), Etta Sandry (Individual), Nicholas Shulman with collaborators Claire Nadon and Chris Novello (Seed/Team). More on their projects, here.

    Winners of the fourth round of grants include: Alexandra Bachmayer and Vanessa Mardirossian with collaborators WhiteFeather Hunter and Geneviève Moisan (Seed/ Team). More on their project, here.

    Winners of the third round of grants include: Donna Legault (Travel) and Nicholas Shulman (Individual). More on their projects, here.

    Winners of the second round of grants include: MJ Daines (Individual) and Donna Legault (Individual). More info on these winning projects, here.

    Winners of the first round of grants include: WhiteFeather Hunter (Travel – International), Nicholas Shulman (Individual), Ryth Kesselring and Geneviève Moisan (Seed/Team), Sophia Borowska with collaborators Marlon Kroll and Cedric Laurenty (Seed/Team). More info on these grant winners and their projects here.