Congratulations to our Cluster Student Grant Winner!

The Textiles and Materiality Cluster at Milieux announces the winner of its tenth round of student research grants. The Cluster awarded an Individual Research Grant to Megan Stein (MFA Print Media).

Megan Stein received an Individual Research Grant for her project, The Yellow Wallpaper – Sensory Implications. This project will involve the creation of a multisensory embroidery that explores improvisation through soft sensors and sound. Stein’s methodology is built on the foundation of working through and within questions initiated by her own personal sensorial capacities. Learning and experimenting with technical concerns informs a continued path of questions and discovery. This project will be an opportunity for the artist to research and experiment with e-textiles and sensors, which will bring together sensors, sound, improvisation, printmaking, and textile work.

Congratulations to our winner!

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