First Textiles and Materiality 5-à-7, Tuesday 15 September

The new Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster invites you to drop by on Tuesday 15 September, from 5pm-7pm

See some of the experiments  conducted this summer by the Weaving Data Research Group working with Kelly Thompson on her FRQSC funded project Material Codes:Ephemeral Traces and hear about future activities for the jacquard loom and the Cluster more generally.

Concordia University EV- Building 10th floor (EV10-730)

We welcome students, researchers and faculty to find out about the Textiles and Materiality research activities and if interested, consider ways you might want to get involved or collaborate.

Faculty currently involved in the cluster are Joanna Berzowska, pk langshaw, Barbara Layne, Kelly Thompson and Kathleen Vaughan.

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