Textiles & Materiality Cluster Members featured in IVLA conference and exhibition



Glorious Matter, Engaging the Senses: A Panel Presentation by Artist-Researchers in “Textiles & Materiality” with Kathleen Vaughan, Gen Moisan, Donna Legault, WhiteFeather Hunter, MJ Daines and Kelly Thompson.

What are the meanings of materiality in a research-based art practice? How does
material literacy complement and contribute to visuality for creators and audiences?
These questions are taken up by the artist-researchers of the Textiles and Materiality
cluster of Concordia University’s Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, in
an image-rich panel presentation of their work. Faculty and graduate researchers of the cluster explore their linked but diverse practices in textiles, bio-art, embodied sound and digital materiality and discuss their co-creation of the cluster as a new site of artistic research at Concordia. The panel presentation aims to be wide-ranging and exploratory rather than definitive, and is oriented to generating a lively discussion about multiple, co-existing modalities of materiality and sensory engagement in contemporary art practice. This session will have particular relevance to those interested in collaborative research contexts and practices of “research-creation” or research through art-making. The panel serves as a companion session to the visit behind the scenes to the Cluster’s working spaces and digital tools.

Visit the conference website here for more information.

In addition, several Textiles & Materiality Cluster members have been selected to present an exhibition of multisensory works entitled, Engaging the Senses through Textiles and Materiality Research-Creation, as part of the upcoming International Visual Literacy Association’s 48th Annual International Conference.

Engaging the Senses Through Textiles & Materiality Research-Creation is a multi-venue
exhibition on the themes of material fluency, material translation and translations of materiality that enhance visual and sensory literacy. The works address the concept of
direct physical engagement with information and process through artmaking, representing epistemological methods where hands-on research-creation informs the production of new objects, new knowledge and new means of multisensory comprehension. Intended audiences include educators, researchers/scholars, artists, hackers and tech geeks, art appreciators and a general public of all ages.

The conference exhibition will take place October 5-8, 2016, will be curated by Kathleen Vaughan, and will feature works by faculty, current students and alumni members of the cluster. The exhibition will be shown at the Musée des Beaux-arts Montreal during the conference period. The cluster will also host a satellite exhibition and open house in the Milieux Institute, open to conference attendees.

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