Sarah Nance takes the prize at Diagonale’s LA SOUPÉE #4

Sarah Nance presents her project idea. Photo credit: Diagonale.

On October 22, Diagonale presented La Soupée, a micro-sponsorship project conceived as a direct fundraising and mediation tool, where diners (participants) are invited to choose a project among three artistic proposals presented at the beginning of the dinner event.  A simple formula: 1 meal + 30 participants + 3 artists = 1 micro-funded project. A dinner event open to 30 guests for a $50 fee distributed the cost of the meal, and the co-production of an art project. During this event, selected artists Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Sarah Nance and Dominique Sirois presented their project to the dinner guests, who voted for the project they wanted to support and see co-produced.

Diagonale is an artist-run centre dedicated to contemporary art that favours proposals from artists and curators that incorporate the medium of fibres as a material or concept.

All profits from the event were donated to Sarah Nance’s project, which received majority support, making each participant a micro-patron of her upcoming work.
For her project, Nance will walk the length of Newfoundland and Labrador’s East Coast Trail. The distance of her walk, recorded in a length of thread, will be used to construct a large-scale lace textile piece.

More info on Diagonale’s website, here.

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