Sophia Borowska part of Architecture Concordia 3 publication


Please join us for the publication launch of AC³ hosted in collaboration with Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History (CUJAH) and SUBVERSIONS. The event will consist of introducing this year’s publications, mingling, and a 5 à 7.

// Contributors to AC³
Alyse Tunnel, Anne-Marie Trepanier + Alexandre Piral, Cameron Forbes + Matthew-Robin Nye, Estelle Wathieu, Gabrielle Doiron, Laura O’Brien, Michelle Creeley, Sophia Borowska, Dominique Camps, Shauna Janssen, Steven Steffen, Tom Collins.

// This event and publication are brought to you by
– Art History Department
– Fine Arts Student Alliance
– Concordia University Alumni Association
Arts and Science Federation of Associations
– Concordia Council on Student Life

// About Architecture Concordia
we encourage dialogue, criticism, reflection, and action in response to the history and current status of the built environment. as an inclusive research group we consist of undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and faculty. our mandate is to produce publications, events, and opportunities for different kinds of engagements with the diversity of architectural culture. we liaise with local partners and institutions, enabling architectural discovery outside the university. our experimental, annual publication serves as a platform for visual art, historical investigation and academic writing, and creative responses of all kinds to architecture.

// Keeping tabs

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