Kathleen Vaughan’s summer Art Education studio course exhibits Seeing Colour Anew

MJ Daines. Distracted (Color), 2017. Handwoven fabric, commercial linen and cotton yarns, cochineal, madder, iron and brass.

July 18, 2017 – August 17, 2017 (all day)

Colour. As artists, we are intuitively aware of the aesthetic appeal of colour combinations. As researchers, we often look to create relationships between the artist and his or her work. As educators, we understand and teach colour theory and methods related to different mediums spanning a variety of techniques. Yet how often do we challenge our inherent perception of colour?

In “Seeing Colour Anew”, our group of undergraduate to graduate artists, educators and researchers challenged ourselves to explore colour through a wide variety of mediums. We have sketched, painted, sculpted, photographed, melted, smeared, gathered, grown, collected, spun, woven and bound colour in our artworks in order to create a new understanding of our relationship with colour.

This exhibition highlights a selection of artworks and research processes each individual created over the spring term. Challenge your own perceptions in order to see colour anew.

Exhibiting students include:

Natasha Alexandra
Aileen Pugliese Castro
Sandrine Coté
MJ Daines
Cynthia van Frank
Andrew Hutchinson-Woodside
Chris Mendoza
Jihane Mossalim
Trish Osler
Penny Paris
Christine Suarez
Melanie Tully
Jackie Wexler

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