Make Your Own Embroidered Patch workshop

Make your own embroidered patch!

Thursday November 16th, 11 am – 1 pm & 2h30 pm to 5 pm (open production time)

EV 10.725 (Textiles & Materiality Cluster, Tajima room)

Instructors: Geneviève Moisan & Marc Beaulieu

In this workshop, we will learn design techniques and software basics, required to embroider different shapes, textures, and images in order to make our own patches, with the digital thread placement machine at the Textiles and Materiality Cluster. These techniques will be useful to make soft textile electronic components in our next circuit design workshop.

The workshop will be 2 hours long, with additional time in the afternoon reserved for participants to produce their designs and explore different possibilities.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own recycled fabrics to try out, time permitting.

Introductory workshop. No textile experience required.

Booking: please email to register for this workshop.

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