Workshop: Soft Circuits: Basic I/O

In this two-part workshop, we will introduce participants to basic soft circuits using sewable modular input sensors (light, temperature… ) & output displays (light, sound…) with the Adafruit GEMMA microcontroller.

In the first session we will examine the electronic i/o modules, discuss design ideas, assemble basic circuits and begin some basic programming.  We will also learn various hand-sewing techniques for integrating our components into textiles.

The following week we will refine our programming and draw out our circuits in Adobe Illustrator to then translate onto textiles using the digital thread placement machine in the Textiles & Materiality research cluster.

This is an introductory workshop with no prerequisites in sewing or electronics.

Soft Circuits: Basic I/O
Tuesday February 6th & 13th, 1pm – 4pm
EV 10.825 (MilieuxMake Lab)
Instructors:  Marc Beaulieu & Geneviève Moisan

Please email: to register for this workshop by Friday February 2nd. Please include the workshop title in the subject line of your email!

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