Exhibition Les Exquis – Geneviève Moisan & François Morelli (FOFA Gallery)

Les Exquis
Geneviève Moisan & François Morelli

April 23, 2018 – May 25, 2018, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

York Corridor Vitrines / Vitrines du corridor York, FOFA Gallery

With the idea of developing new avenues of material research and new collaborations, artist François Morelli partnered with artist and weaver Geneviève Moisan to create Les Exquis. Inspired by the similarities between the rough pixels of Kid Pix software and the woven structures used to materialize them, Moisan developed a language and translated digital compositions realized by Morelli and his son Didier at the end of the 90s. These black-and-white drawings of fantasy characters are exquisite corpses that father and son created together on the computer. The project presented is a unique material rendition of nine of these illustrations, woven in large format on a computerized Jacquard loom.

The works presented in Les Exquis (“the exquisite”) exist beyond a traditional collaboration between craftsperson and artist, because they are the result of a real dialogue between two creators. Drawing similarities to Morelli’s printed work on paper, these large-format weavings are part of a current trend of a renewed interest in fiber arts by visual artists. The woven materiality and the richness of the patterns of the playful figures in this project embed new life into the original imaginative creatures.

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