Alice Jarry in Étant Données @ VOX Centre de l’image contemporaine

vernissage of Étant Données
April 26th, 5pm
Vox centre de l’image contemporaine
401 – 2 Sainte-Catherine Streat East, Montreal (QC), H2X 1K4
Alice Jarry (T & M, Design and Computation Arts), along with colleagues from UQAM, will present the preliminary results of their research-creation program Au-delà des images opératoires / Beyond the Operative Images (FQRSC, UQAM 2016-19). After Harun Farocki’s concept of Operative Images (2004), they propose new critical and inclusive ways of engaging with data, images, and materiality. The exhibition is part of the 4th International Media Art Biennale (BIAN) and runs until June 30th.

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