Anna Eyler in Femmes Futuristes at Eastern Bloc


7240 Clark, 2nd Floor, Montreal

EXHIBITION: 7 February – 2 March 2019
VERNISSAGE: 7 February 2019, 18:00 – 21:00
OPENING HOURS: [ TUE, THU & FRI ] 5pm – 8pm — [ SAT & SUN ] 1pm – 5pm

How do we react towards a machine reliant on human interaction in order to reach a sexual climax? What arises when human skin is transformed into three-dimensional objects?

Renée Lamothe, Katherina Ilenseer and Anna Eyler’s installations in “Female Futures” Exhibition envision a near future, as they question our relationship with the body, sexuality and the wilderness.These artworks engage techno-futuristic interpretations of the human being, the earthly body and its becoming. They symbolize possible realities, alternative forms of embodiment, and even the obliteration of human embodied essence. Will the future make us become “one with technology”, as we evolve in between mobility and immobility?

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