Behavioural Matter – La Fabrique du vivant at the Centre Pompidou

Mattering matter: Invested thought and Informed growth

Behavioral Matter – La Fabrique du vivant

Centre Pompidou, Paris, March 15-17, 2019

Alice Jarry (Concordia; Hexagram; Milieux Textile and Materiality), Alexandre Castonguay (UQAM; Hexagram), and Marie Pontais (Milieux Textile and Materiality) present Mattering matter: Invested thought and Informed growth during the Behavioral Matter conference/workshop at Centre Pompidou, Paris, March 15-17, 2019. In dialogue with the exhibition La fabrique du vivant, Behavioral Matter is a multi-disciplinary and international research-creation conference/workshop exploring, through practice, and in a public setting, the notion of “behavior”. Alice Jarry, Alexandre Castonguay, and Marie Pontais’ conference / workshop proposes to grow materials, develop sensing technologies, and work with data in order to inform surface patterns and explore the foldability of these materials. The hands-on activities are tied to discussions about methods and ideas for establishing resilient, adaptive, creative, and ethical futures. Such speculative scenarios are aimed at cultivating an understanding of practice as taking place in the entanglements of the material, sensory, technological, human, and discursive relationships necessary to a renewed understanding of contemporary socio-environmental issues.

The event showcases the work and documentation of several Design & Computation Arts students and Textile and Materiality Cluster members (Milieux):

Jacqueline Beaumont and Emma Forgues, I/0, interactive installation (Critical Materiality, Alice Jarry) 

Rachel Ann Timtiman, Mimosa Lamp (The Future Life of Objects, Martin Racine) Hyacinth Wourms, Annie Dutremble, Alice Gaboury-Moreau, Shannon Bain, Asa Perlman, The Tree Basketeers (Environmental Research-Practice, pk Langshaw, Alice Jarry, Vanessa Mardirossian)

Emma Forgues, Sam Bourgault, Owen Coolidge, Matthew Halpenny, Matthew Salaciak, Myocene (Project Studio I, Brad Todd)

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