Interactive Textiles: Defiant Wearables [i/o] Workshop

Interactive Textiles: Defiant Wearables
Geneviève Moisan & Marc Beaulieu
Milieux Learning Atelier, EV-11.425
Thursday March 21st & Tuesday March 28th
This workshop is a introductory crash-course in wearable interactive-textile creation. We will build basic circuits and learn basic coding strategies to program the Adafruit Gemma microcontroller.
We will explore possible behaviours that we might integrate into a wearable fabric (such as playfulness, irrationality, vengefulness…), using one input sensor and one output component.
MARCH 21 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
– Understanding the Gemma microcontroller & sample Arduino code
– Designing an interactive textile
– Preparing a test circuit
– Understanding how to layout electronic components in a soft-circuit
MARCH 28 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
– Creating an embroidery circuit from an Illustrator file
– Laying conductive thread circuit using the industrial embroidery machine
– Integrating electronic components into a soft circuit by hand
– Fine-tuning Arduino programming to achieve desired responses
Prerequisites: A basic understanding of electronics and a basic understanding of the software Adobe Illustrator is strongly recommended.

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