Amélie Belanger and Charline Lemieux in “Hyperstition”

Cluster members Amélie Belanger and Charline Lemieux will be participating in the group exhibition entitled Hyperstition. Details below.

Vernissage: 6-9pm, April 18th
Location: MACHINE, 5425 av. de Bordeaux, local 103
Open: Thurs 6-9, Fri 12-8, Sat 12-5, Sun 12-4

Eloisa Alcaraz
Danielle Beaudet
Amélie Belanger
Rachel Mazierski
Isabelle Hayes
Lindsey Lagemaat
Charline Lemieux
Frédérique Thibault
Natalie Blanche Cloutier

Hyperstition is a neologism that combines the prefixes hyper, associated with the concept of acceleration and the word superstition that describes an irrational belief system. Hyperstition is working as a catalyst for our collective anxieties about the future and thus generating some profound social changes. Working in a pre-apocalyptical and perpetually changing world, the artists grouped for this exhibition are appropriating the hindering narratives to reimagine the future.

For more information, please consult the facebook event:

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