Skawennati at Foire d’art Papier

Foire d’art Papier

Grand Quay, Port of Montreal
200 de la Commune St W
Montreal, QC H2Y 2B2

The Presence of Digital Technologies in Contemporary Art

In English

7 pm

Digital technologies have blurred the sometimes-rigid boundaries of the arts. Beyond the idea of the dematerialization of the artwork—which only exists on an intangible platform—some artists reappropriate the codes of digital creation in order to make emancipated spaces in which the viewer performs the immaterial work thanks to the infinite possibilities of “open worlds” and virtual reality (VR), among other things. As such, how do art practices combine the multiple possibilities of digital technologies? How are Montreal artists exploring these creative avenues?

Animation: Bart Simon, Ph.D., director Technoculture, Art and Games Research Centre at Concordia University

Panelists: Skawennati, Artist and co-founder of AbTeC; Aurélie Besson, General Director and Artistic Codirector of Molior and  Raphaël Lacoste, Artistic director at Ubisoft.

Presented by Ubisoft

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