Weaving Residency @ T&M

Weaving Residency – Fibres to Complex Cloth

May 6-24, 2019 – Monday to Thursdays (with self-directed time)

A three-week intensive weaving skill share residency at the T&M cluster!

Beginners to digital processes, levels operating in parallel, in a collaborative learning environment.

Those new to weaving will need to attend Mondays and Tuesdays for input, with independent working for the rest of the week.

Wednesday and Thursdays will be for more advanced researchers to work with multilayer structures, texture and densities, on one manual loom and the jacquard loom. Different approaches to working with Pointcarre software will be shared by participants.

Note: Participants can work outside of these days, times, but we will coordinate the skills sharing on Monday and Tuesdays for beginners, Wednesday and Thursday for more advanced weavers. There is time for informal presentations, exchanges on projects, peer support, snacks and tea!

Although we want to set up times for the demos, independent working and drop in is encouraged.

Independent working can occur after these dates with peer to peer support.

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