Magdalena Hutter and Jacqui Beaumont in Regarding Uncertainty

Throughout the ages, engaging with uncertainty has been instrumental in developing new knowledge in all fields. As we near the end of the decade, uncertainty saturates both the academic sphere and larger public consciousness, as questions about political, environmental, and social futures abound. As certainties break down and the boundaries we once took for granted are called into question, interdisciplinary research is specifically well positioned to engage with these new realities. This conference aims to create space for dialogue between thinkers and creators with diverse and intersecting practices, perspectives and methods in order to learn from one another.

All panel, exhibition, performance, and workshop venues are wheelchair accessible.

Please help us make this event more accessible by not wearing any fragrances (perfume, cologne, etc).

Please RSVP here:

Should you have any additional questions about accessibility or other issues, please contact us at:



– unless otherwise noted, all events are taking place at the MILIEUX Institute, EV 11.705, 11th floor –

Continuous (installations)

Resounding Uncertainly Video Production Studio, EV 10.760 (10th floor)
Luke A. Shirock (PhD student in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Concordia University)

of us Black Box Theatre, EV S3
Jacqui Beaumont (BFA student in Fibres and Material Practices, Concordia University)

Triptych (En Route) Visualization Studio, Library Building, 3rd floor
Magdalena Hutter, (PhD student in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Concordia University)

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