Joanna Berzowska in MTL Connect at Printemps Numérique

Montreal Digital Spring is launching the first edition of MTL connect: Digital Week, a new annual event to be held from May 25 to June 2, 2019.

This international event aims to look across the board at the main questions related to digital development, focusing on its economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts in various sectors of activity. In collaboration of many partners, the Montreal Digital Week will address 5 specific themes related to digital transformations.

Panel. “Smart fabric and ready-to-wear mega-data”

Elizabeth Stefanka CEO and Cofounder – Stefanka, Joanna Berzowska Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Finearts, Concordia University, Justine Decaens Project manager – Groupe CTT, Nadia Seraiocco  connecte Moderator, Payam Lazemi Research Manager – Vastechpro, Pierre-Alexanre Fournier CEO, Hexoskin
The fashion industry is swapping its sewing machines for new technology. What kinds of innovations, technologies, and new business models are the major fashion companies adopting? How can we foster a tight-knit relationship between traditional companies and those that embrace new technology? What are the legal stakes involved in intellectual property rights for clothing designs?

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