Avy Loftus at Concordia’s artSPACE

Interdisciplinary Cultural Project: Batik, Dance, and Pedagogy
artSPACE, Art Education Department
Faculty of Fine Arts
January 9-31st, 2020
Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
This art exhibition showcases the results of an ongoing studio research project in textile (batik), dance (Javanese dance) practices and pedagogy inside and outside the campus.

The mobility grant that Avy received from Concordia University helped facilitate this project. Avy has been exploring the potential of interdisciplinary and culturally-relevant pedagogy for high school students. She has been developing a unit plan which brings together batik, dance, and pedagogy for Culture in-school program.

In this exhibit, Avy is presenting batik creations that were completed already and are in progress, using both traditional tools (canting) and a digital fabrication tool as an interdisciplinary approach to techniques in artmaking.

Avy is also presenting batik ‘Laseman’ technique steps as the pedagogical tool. This technique links to visual culture and further promotes digital fabrication to design textile/batik motifs.
This exhibit is retrospective for Avy Loftus as an artist, art educator and batik designer.
For more information: avyloftus@gmail.com or avy@avy.ca

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