Photos from the Batik Workshop @ T&M

Thank you to Avy Loftus for her great Batik workshop at T&M on January 30th.

Image Credits: Gen Moisan


Instructor: Avy Loftus
When: Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 12:30 – 15:00
Where: Concordia University, EV 10.730 (meeting point: artSPACE, EV Building, 2nd floor; at 12:00h)
Who: T&M Members

The word batik comes from Javanese words amba (to write) and titik (to dot). Batik techniques often handed down within families for generations; the immaterial knowledge of batik is intertwined with the cultural identity of the Indonesian people and, through the symbolic meanings of its colors and designs, expresses their creativity and spirituality.

Foreign influence on Indonesian batik art forms was brought about by centuries of exposure to other cultures through trade. Immigrants from China, India (esp. from Gujarat), the Arab world and later Europe traveled to the Indonesian archipelago in search of the unique spices that are grown in Indonesia. These traders settled and brought with them rich artistic traditions that influenced the development of local batik designs. Batik jumputan is as a result of the combination of local batik designs and foreign influence.

Participants will learn batik jumputan techniques step by step and how to transfer the batik jumputan into functional art. Participants are encouraged to bring design ideas to the workshop. The workshop will be 2 hours long, with additional time reserved for participants to produce their designs.


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