Abstraction Fashion: A Thesis Discussion with Nicholas Shulman

Abstraction Fashion: Seeing and Making Network Abstractions and Computational Fashions

A Thesis Discussion with Nicholas Shulman

When: Wednesday, December 9th @ 18h
Where: Zoom
Who: T&M Members

Human life today is enmeshed with network organisms. What we value, the ways we talk, and the subject matter we pay attention to are all dependent on and depended upon by the networks that dominate our imagination and the institutions that steward their sustained development. During this interactive talk, T&M Cluster Member Nicholas Shulman will discuss his recently completed MA research-creation dissertation and projects at the intersection of computation, fine arts, history, philosophy, and making. How do incentives drive the outward appearances of the products with which we are familiar? Is creating new network organisms a performance art? What does the history of fashion and celebrity have to teach us about future network products? These topics, and the fundamental role of viability mechanisms and network incentives, will be discussed in an informal format.

Here is the link to Nicholas Shulman’s full thesis: https://spectrum.library.concordia.ca/987433/

Please e-mail the Coordinator at textiles.materiality@concordia.ca to register for the talk.

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