Paper Making with Your Favorite Place (from home!)

Paper Making with Your Favorite Place (from home!)

Instructor: Tricia Enns

When: Monday, February 22nd 13h-16h EST
Where: Zoom
Who: T&M Cluster members


In this workshop, Tricia, a current master’s of design student and member of the T&M cluster, will share with you her new found excitement and skills revolving around collecting site specific materials and incorporating them in handmade paper she makes in her kitchen.

You will learn: How to create paper that incorporates materials from a specific site to tell a story about that place.

*You will need:

a) a large bin/box/basin (it will be filled with water and you with be putting your screen frame inside it)

b) several sheets of paper that was destined for the recycling bin (this will become the pulp)

c) 2 towels (or as many as you can spare) –> if you do not have extra towels, other absorbent materials will do (there will be a lot of water that needs to be soaked up)

d) 1-2 sponges

e) **two frames of the same size (I used frames from canvas…I ripped the canvas off)

f) **1/2 – 1 meter of screen (the stuff that is used in screen doors works great, you should be able to find it at most hardware stores)

**use these two items to create a mold and deckle before the workshop. You can use this LINK for guidance. (feel free to cut corners, my mold and deckle is literally two frames with screen stapled to one of the frames, it’s not perfect but it works)

g) a blender (not NECESSARY but very helpful)

h) a large bowl or bucket (you will make your pulp in this)

i) MATERIALS FROM YOUR FAVORITE SITE! Remember they will be incorporated into paper, so certain items, ie. large rocks, bicycles, shoes, etc. wont work. But pebbles, wrappers, organic materials, thread, cigarette butts, and other smaller bits work great!

*Participants are responsible for sourcing their own materials for this workshop.

Please send an e-mail to to register for this workshop.

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