Photos: Plug & Play Workshop with Yingxian Xiao (Online)

Images L>R : Alex Bachmayer, Anna Eyler, Barbara Layne, Gen Moisan, Ingrid Bachmann, Sarah Bertrand-Hamel, Tricia Enns, Yingxian Xiao

A few images from our wonderful PLUG & PLAY workshop last June. A big thank you to Yingxian Xiao for sharing her innovative practice with the Cluster!

PLUG & PLAY – sustainable/reuse/exchange

Instructor: Yingxian Xiao

When: Thursday, June 17, 2021 from 13:00 – 16:00 EST

Where: ZOOM

Who: T&M Members

The PLUG & PLAY concept was inspired by the zero-waste clothing-making method and wooden architecture in ancient Asia. This workshop attempts to introduce a new hand-woven and zero waste technology in design and art practice, as well as the co-designing creation and rei-interpretation of the craftivism.

Participants will learn the history of the clothing-making method and wooden architecture in ancient China and Japan, and the “interlock -principle” techniques step by step, including the approaches to design the basic interlocking pieces, and methods to create functional products like bag, clothes, rug, etc., by the basic interlocking elements.

Each participant will be provided with a material package, which includes all the necessary basic laser-cut interlocking parts designed to fit for a 30cm x 30cm handbag. Participants are encouraged to bring their own creative ideas of design to this workshop. The workshop will be 3 hours long with extra time to finish the work.

Note:  Participants need to pick up the specific material package at T&M Cluster before the workshop begins.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Limited space. Registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

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