Flax and milkweed, a series of experiments with Sarah Bertrand-Hamel

Who: T&M Cluster Members
When: Monday, March 7th, 2022 from 12h30-13h30 EST
Where: T&M Cluster Commons (EV 10.730)

RSVP by e-mail: textiles.materiality@concordia.ca.
In this T&M Members talk, artist and papermaker Sarah Bertrand-Hamel will discuss the wonders of bast fibres within a material and historical perspective.

Sarah will share her own experiments and samples of milkweed dry bark, retted flax stems, and handmade paper. She will also explain her flax and milkweed paper-making process, which involves working with fungi and bacteria to obtain a fibre that can be beaten by hand to become pulp.
Sarah Bertrand-Hamel lives and works in Montreal. She holds a Master in Fine Arts from Concordia University (2014).Curious and attentive to the materials she uses, her research has brought her into making her own paper. Since each sheet is different, each batch has its specificity, and these particularities inspire the subsequent work.Fascinated by impermanence and singularity, the artist creates images that she repeats and reinterprets, fragments and recomposes. She is interested in transitions and shifts between these images. She traces change, wants to make time visible.http://www.sarahbertrandhamel.com/

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