Tricia Enns in Recontres Emergence/y

Tricia Enns will be participating in Hexagram’s Recontres Emercence/y event. It is free to participate, will be bilingual and will take place on Friday May 20, 3-6pm.

We will meet outside the St.-Laurent metro station and go for a walk, collect debris, and then create mappings using paper making techniques in a park. There will also be snacks! It will be a casual, curious, and sensory event. 

Narrative Debris is an evolving project with its roots in the accumulation of research-creation I (Tricia Enns) conducted for my graduate studies in Design at Concordia University. As a designer/artist I am curious about what we can learn about a space through engaging with its materiality, specifically the stuff that is overlooked and/or left behind.

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