Tricia Enns at Milieux for “In the Middle, A Chimera”

An exhibition part of In the Middle, A Chimera, which will run from May 05 – May 18th, titled Narrative Debris, it is a series of debris mappings. It will be the first time sharing the debris mappings created during my thesis and for my T&M individual grants project with the public. 

The work is a series of handmade paper mappings that incorporate debris, soft electronics, and participatory practices. The work proposed a new materially engaged method of relating to the Quartier des Spectacles. The mappings are part of two research-creation projects, Narrative Debris and Pulpy Circuits.

One set of the mappings incorporates electronics to encourage observers to interact with the paper. The output is unexpected as the agency of the pulp, debris and time intervene with preconceived notions of what it means to work. These mappings, part of Pulpy Circuits, were funded by the Textile and Materiality Cluster.

The second series was, and continues to be, produced by participants. Individuals will be invited to create and contribute their own mappings to the collection through the postal system. Causing the collection to evolve and iterate, similar to that of spatial narratives.

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