Studio subTela at Galeria Dos Hijas presents “Liminal”

When: Starting October 22, 2022

Where: Galeria Dos Hijas in El Tigre, Baja California, Mexico

Who:Studio subTela

Studio subTela will be presenting artwork at the exhibition and event, “Liminal” at Galeria Dos Hijas in El Tigre, Baja California Mexico starting October 22, 2022.

Three projects will be part of a catwalk event during the opening reception (The Branko Belt ProjectThe White Keyboard Dress and The Tornado Dress. The Enchantment of Textiles Project entitled The Sampler, The Rank Badge Jacket and Magic Wand #2 will be on display in the gallery through the following month.

Made of mud and grass and designed by Mexican architect Claudia TurrentGaleria Dos Hijas is one of many architecturally innovative galleries showing up throughout the wine district of northern Baja California. In addition to the catwalk there will be a poetry reading, live music, and amazing local foods. Studio subTela Director, Barbara Layne will be participating in the events.

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