Joanna Berzowska presents at Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto

Featured image (above): Panel discussion between Joanna Berzowska, Dr. Isabel Pedersen and Dr. Kirsty Robertson. Photo by Natalie Logan.

Joanna Berzowska presented a talk entitled, Quantified Threads: future fashion in the cloud as part of the Speaker Series at the Subtle Technologies Festival. This year’s series, MANIFOLD was co-presented by the Textile Museum of Canada, and took place Saturday May 14th, 2016 from 10am – 5pm.

Berzowska presented her Karma Chameleon work, developing a new generation of composite fibers with computational functionality that will enable the next generation of responsive textiles. When a material integrates computational behavior, how do we “program” a garment? In addition, how will these garments fit into the big-data ecology of the “quantified self”?


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