Barbara Layne and Lauren Osmond featured in Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto

Congratulations to cluster co-director, Barbara Layne, whose work with collaborator, Lauren Osmond was featured in this year’s Subtle Technologies Festival.

Barbara Layne and Lauren Osmond  showed 3 dresses from the project, Maxwell’s Equations, in the FUTURE PROOF wearables event at the Gladstone.  The project included team members: Genevieve Moisan, Tahseen Mustafa, Ahmed Kishk, Donna Legault, Ryth Kesselring, Hesam Khoshneviss, Martin Peach, Claire Nadon, Marc Beaulieu and Janis Jefferies.

A Wearable Tech Fashion Show

Co-Presented with the Gladstone Hotel

Friday May 13th, 7pm
In the Ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W.)

The only way to withstand the future is to be timeless. Although wearable technology is often imagined as electronic and digital, innovations in textiles and garment construction promise to be far more useful and sustainable in these volatile times. Future Proof is an experimental fashion show that features collaborations between teams of artists, designers and technologists investigating this delicate balance between progress and practicality. Using diverse materials and methods of construction, each set of looks explores a different facet of wearable tech that begs the increasingly important question: How can fashion be revolutionary yet everlasting?

Anna Crooke Photography
Faraday’s Law by Barbara Layne and Lauren Osmond. Anna Crooke Photography.
Models showcase the three dresses during the event.
Barbara Layne (far left) with collaborator, Lauren Osmond (next to Barbara) and models wearing the garments with textile antennaes.

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