Cluster Intensive May 18 + 19

T&M cluster members met over a two-day period, on May 18 + 19, 2016 to share presentations of work, as well as concepts and frameworks for thinking around ideas relevant to the cluster. Several members led thematic workshops, while others led focused discussions.

Alice Jarry presented two of her digital kinetic installation works, Lighthouses and Spectrales. WhiteFeather presented on Feminist Materialism and materialism vs materiality (see reference below). Kelly Thompson facilitated a discussion on two readings (see references below), Material-ict and Material Thinking and the Agency of Matter. Sophia Borowska led a workshop, Haptics and the City followed by a workshop led by Marc Bealieu, Electronics and Programming Material. Kathleen Vaughan presented on two papers (see references below), Slow Cloth Manifesto and Place and the Art of Belonging. MJ Daines facilitated a discussion on the importance of research in the process of creation. Ryth Kesselring facilitated a game on defining materiality (see our group-sourced definitions below).


Haptics + the City workshop led by Sophia Borowska. Photo credit: Nicholas Shulman.


  1. Material-ict
  2. The Slow Cloth Manifesto- An Alternative to the Politics of Production
  3. Place and the art of belonging

Definitions of materiality generated by the cluster:

“A relationship to all matter: matter as agent represents or becomes materiality. Material is a form of materiality but is not the only element that it is.”

“physical manifestation of things and concepts that you interact with”

“materiality: the detritus that creates your life. the stuff you collect, make, use & throw away.”

“Materiality: A state of being (matter) with a particular set of characteristics that have an impact on the physical world. The impact can include a series of actions, a capacity to act, or influence the actions of another actor.”

“Materiality: real/ tactile/ concrete/ modifiable/ physical/ manipulation”


“Materiality: The physical, formal, potential, and conceptual quality of a given material, how it engages with human senses, especially the haptic and memory and collective association. The weight, texture, behavior, appearance, the desire to sink your teeth in.”

Haptics + the City workshop led by Sophia Borowska. Photo credit: Nicholas Shulman.


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