MJ Daines receives Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award

Congratulations to MJ Daines, whose project, Gauze weaves: Intertextuality of a historical woven structure was awarded a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award (CUSRA). MJ will be based at Milieux, working out the Textiles and Materiality Research commons under the supervision of Kelly Thompson.

MJ will study gauze weaves informed by pre-Columbian practices (2000 BCE – 1500 BCE) and their 20th century interpretations (particularly by Anni Albers), adapting this structure for 21st century digital technology. This structural aspect has not been undertaken on Concordia’s Jacquard loom before.

Andean textiles, and in particular their gauze weaves, were used as a means of communication and to record history. MJ’s research asks, how or what can we communicate through a digital approach?, and will examine the intertextuality between these two practices separated by centuries, exploring how codes and culture circulate timelessly.

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