Sophia Borowska at I/O [Input/Output] Symposium, Milieux

The history of computation is rich with narratives of hackers, tinkerers and enthusiasts. Myriad computational subcultures have emerged that both orbit and impinge upon larger computing, gaming, sonic and visual cultures.

This year, I/O Symposium is focusing on the communal, political and material conditions of such subcultures. I/O’s mandate is to facilitate a critical and accessible dialogue between emerging scholars, practitioners and larger publics with a deep interest in the myriad iterations of computational subcultures. I/O will feature panel discussions, workshops, performances, an exhibition and a keynote lecture by Anders Carlsson aka Goto80, a scholar and practitioner from Sweden, with roots in the European chipmusic and damascenes. Sophia will present her paper, Data Excess; Weaving Digital Refuse.

The symposium is set to occur on November 24 and 25, 2016 at Concordia University, on the 11thFloor of the EV building, as is supported by the TAG Research Centre, the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, the Hexagram Network for Research-Creation and the Mlab.

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