MJ Daines and Lea Schwarz part of Dix at Espace Pi2

Vernissage — March 23rd from 6pm to 9pm / Le 23 Mars de 18h à 21h

Exhibition/Exposition — March 24th from 1pm to 7pm, March 25th and 26th from 1pm to 5pm / Le 24 mars de 13h à 19h, le 25 et 26 mars de 13h à 17h.

Espace Pi2, 5445 ave. de Gaspé no.104
Free entry/Entrée libre

Dix/Ten is the result of a year of work and collaboration between ten artists finishing their BFA in Concordia, within the ‘480 Advanced Fibres’ class. Together, they had to surpass their differences, be it within their artistic or actual language, and find a way to communicate. Dix/Ten, as a fraction, becomes one, thus these ten artists achieved a mutual understanding and gave life to this project.
Come celebrate with us the achievement of this year-long process with art, food and a glass of wine!

Dix/Ten est le résultat de la collaboration entre dix finissantEs de Concordia. Dans le cadre d’un cours d’ ‘Advanced Fibers’, ces dix artistes si différentEs unirent leurs forces créatives pour donner vie à un projet commun, surpassant les barrières de langage – artistique ou réel. En fraction, Dix/Ten = 1, tout comme ces dix artistes qui s’unirent le temps d’un exposition.
Venez célébrer – et arroser – avec nous le résultat de cette union artistique fructueuse!

Artists/Artistes- Valentine Abraham / Laurie-Anne Bergeron / MJ Daines / Juliette Garneau Pilon / Barbara Iperciel / Hea Kim / Matthieu Marleau / Mireille Monette / Lea Schwarz / Lise Tardif

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