MJ Daines selected for Faculty of Fine Arts Annual Graduating Students Exhibition


The FOFA Gallery and VAV Gallery are pleased to present a dynamic collection of works as part of Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition. The exhibition moves through both the VAV and FOFA spaces and was juried and shaped to reflect the strength and diversity of practice at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.

Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts is recognized nationally and internationally for its artistic and academic excellence, driven by a distinguished faculty and demonstrated by the outstanding works produced by its graduating students. This year’s exhibition features media art, installation, painting, music, costume design, photography, ceramics, and sculpture. Some works are humorous and playful, others thoughtfully pay tribute to the past, yet above all, these works represent the tremendous spectrum of contemporary art practices today.

Through slow and deliberate action, MJ Daines transforms fibre into thread, thread into structure, and structure into space. She creates objects that reflect the contemplative space she constructs for herself through these rituals of making. Becky is the result of a research-creation project in which Daines, working with contemporary tools and recycled materials to re-imagine ancient technologies and communication strategies, envisions herself as a student of the late textile artist and printmaker, Anni Albers.

More info on the Concordia website, here.

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