Material Codes: Ephemeral Traces by Kelly Thompson and Janis Jefferies in Textile Journal of Cloth and Culture


Read the full journal article written by Kelly Thompson and Janis Jefferies, here.

From the abstract:

“Kelly Thompson’s multifaceted project Material Codes: Ephemeral Traces, established in 2014, translates various forms of data through digitally assisted Jacquard weaving. With data visualization, the artist’s subjective process of beautification can make an audience feel emotionally engaged by the rendering of phenomena that may otherwise be beyond the scale of human senses. What is beyond reach becomes tangible. In Thompson’s research-creation work, the intangible concept of digital data is both visualized and materialized into the literally tangible, as tactile cloth. This conversation between Janis Jefferies, (London, UK) and Kelly Thompson (Montreal, Canada) over a period of 10 months proposes questions around code, data, image, weaving, and research engagement.”

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