Sophia Borowska part of 2356 at Articule

Image: Fanny Huard

While the year 2017 is the occasion for numerous celebrations across the country, such as the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal, articule wishes to engage a reflection on the act of commemoration, the history and sociopolitical context of Montreal / Tiotia:ke, as well as the subterranean and marginal aspects of the city erased from the official narrative of the festivities.

The 2017 Members’ Exhibition proposes that we imagine articule’s 375th anniversary. In order to propulse ourselves into the future, articule offers a launching platform to its members from which to imagine their practice in the future and reflect more widely on the development of the city and its many cultural scenes.

Through the playful, judicious, hypothetical, critical and lucid propositions of nine of articule’s member-artists, the exhibition will take the form of a laboratory of potentials anchored in a space and time where celebration, nostalgia, speculation, futurology and uncertainty coexist.
Join us for the exhibition opening on June 2nd as we toast articule in the year 2356, with food, future-cocktails, and more!

The 2017 Members’ Show Committee is Shaïra Boursiquot, lola ertel, Charlotte Lalou Rousseau, Katerina Pansera and Rose-Anne St-Paul.

Participating Artists: Hannah Azar Strauss (Montréal) Sophia Borowska (Montréal) Dana Edmonds (Montréal) Fanny Huard (Montréal) Julie Laurin+Jonathan M Roy (Montréal) Yen-Chao Lin (Montréal) Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (Montréal) Katerina Pansera (Montréal) Jacqueline van de Geer (Montréal)

More info on the Articule website here.

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