Danielle Wilde talk at Milieux

Concordia University Department of Design & Computation Arts and Milieux Presents: Candidate for Canada Research Chair Position in Material Futures

Danielle Wilde
Thursday, March 8th

Together, what can we grow? Danielle Wilde is Associate Professor of Embodied Design at the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding (SDU). Her research aims to understand how designing with, for and through the full sensorial richness of the human body might transform how design unfolds in a more-than-human world.

Current research investigates:

  • biology as a design material
  • the use of embodied, participatory approaches to enrich science society interfaces
  • intertwining food, fibre and fabrics for future wearables
  • design+diversity | ethics+aesthetics across materials, bodies, contexts, and perspectives.

To support this research, Wilde leads the BodyBioSoft Lab, within the SDU Maker Lab at Pakhuset on the harbour in Kolding. The BodyBioSoft Lab affords practice-based research through garment engineering and construction, wearable technologies, wearable biologies and designerly engagement with science. It supports designers in residence, and is part of the Nordic/Baltic BioMedia Network.

Concurrent to her work at SDU, Wilde is: Adjunct Professor in the School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University, Melbourne, AU; Associate Research Fellow at WAAG Society for Art, Science and Technology, Amsterdam, NL; and represents Denmark on the European Network for Environmental Citizenship (ENEC) Cost Action 16299.

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