Etta Sandry artist talk today

MFA Fibres & Material Practices
Lunch Box Talks

Etta Sandry
Wednesday, March 7 2018
EV 9.730

Etta Sandry is an artist, educator, and organizer from the midwest. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013 with a focus in Fiber and Material Studies. Her work has been shown in the United States and Canada. Etta has worked as teaching artist at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Marwen in Chicago and has held administrative roles at Pratt Institute and the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn.

I investigate systems that are used to order our lives. Language and time are rematerialized as drawings, weavings, sound works, and writing. By translating every-day phenomona, ephemera, symbology, and lived experience through form and material, I am questioning how we connect with one another and exploring shared experiences of time and space.

The materials I use, like graph paper, grids, and woven cloth, have their own systems of operation. I build on these pre-established systems, using them as tools and frameworks with which to create and probe. In my subjective interpretation, they are used as both literal and metaphorical examples of broader systems that organize the world. Such world-ordering systems often seem rigid and pre-determined. Through my translation process, I am oscillating between understanding and re-imagining the world around me; looking at the thing in between two ideas as a malleable membrane, a third or multiplicitous possibility.

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