Alice Jarry at the Contemporary Canadian Sculpture Biennale

Contemporary Canadian Sculpture Biennale

June 22nd – September 7th, 2018


Alice Jarry presents Dust Agitator, a kinetic and electronic dust and felt installation at the Contemporary Canadian Sculpture Biennale – Trajectory of the senses – Arts and Science in Trois-Rivières (QC).

The series of interventions, ‘Dust Agitator’, draws into the artistic field ‘tired’ residual matter that has come to the end of its useful life: a fine dust produced by the recycling of glass. Contrary to an inert material, the dust has mobilised a continuum of material, geological, human and technological relationships ranging from the extraction of sand for the creation of new glass to its transformation in factories and the end of its recyclable life. The piece explores the potentialities produced by this residue as it merges with a new constellation of heterogeneous elements.

In a state between suspension and sedimentation, this residual dust – which interacts with time, light, colour, gravity and the air currents that move it around – has an ambivalent capacity to dissolve the frontier between the material and the visible. Engaged in constant processes of accumulation, whirling, erosion and wearing down, the piece of work ‘Dust Agitator’ moves within these differential intensities that question the fixity and permeability of the frontiers between the work and its immediate environment: the work agitates, propels, filters and produces material, sound and light modulations that, over time, modify clearly defined elements into zones of interference with imprecise limits.


Alice Jarry was interviewed by La Fabrique Culturelle.

watch interview


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