Agustina Isidori at We Play: Barcelona’s Festival of Playful Digital Installations

We Play: Barcelona’s Festival of Playful Digital Installations

After We Code, We Make and We Draw, MOB is coming back with a new event made-in-MOB, We Play!

On September 29th, let us get you a glimpse of fun from the future!

With highly immersive and interactive digital exhibition, We Play will bring you the finest creative works of Barcelona’s artists and makers in the field of gaming and digital technology! This is your chance to playfully experience some unique and futuristic arts, games and entertainment.

Technophile or not, professional or non-professional, family and group of friends can partake in talks, workshops, interactive exhibitions and more. Also, watch as we unfold an exciting challenge at the Game Jam – to build your own game! You are invited to discover the inventive movement of Playful Digital Arts! 

This 29th of September, from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM, join us at We Play which will take place at the freshly renovated Sant Antoni Market, Carrer Comte d’Urgell 1, 08011, Barcelona.

For more information, you may contact us at

The Exhibitors

uGIF Xpress HACKatON by WARKS and Lab4Reality
uGIF Xpress HACKatON is an experience of creation of an express interactive experience where each one of the 100 participants will create a GIF inspired by its himself. The GIFs will then be projected in the store Araña in Raval, to be part of its first collaborative digital exhibition. Among all the GIFs created, a design will then be chosen to be decomposed in two pictures and printed a white tee shirts. This tee shirt will be the first piece of clothes created from a digital work, and it will be on sale in the store Araña, calle Riera Baixa 5. 

People You May Know by Jake Pyne
An installation that looks for moments of similarity between strangers in the same space

Escape from monochrome by Waldemar Ramos 
Discover an augmented reality fantasy world 

One Last Beat by Héctor Monerris
A homemade interactive short film that explores the purpose of life in a funny and reckless way

Chachi by Chachi App 
Try to catch Chachi and win a month membership at MOB

Random Virgin Generator by Zinkete

With your keyboard, send prayers to digital gods

SOLA per Agustina Isidori

SOLA is a video game that embodies the climate of tension, discomfort and fear that can be experienced while walking alone at night in cities where gender-based violence is embedded in everyday life.

ORWELL 3000 per Félix Vinyals

Orwell 3000″ is the new model of IoT pacemaker by Social Control Labs: it has internet connection and GPS! A new concept of pacemaker that will revolutionize the way of how dictators rule their totalitarian regime!Are you a great dictator and you are tired of spending tons of money and time on your repression system?

Glide Wars by Chema Valle

This is a crazy air-hockey-meets-pong 2 player game for tablets

Mix’Em Up by Chema Valle

It’s a musical experience where people can physically mix a track of their own by using nothing but a glass table and floppy disks. // Una experiencia musical donde los participantes podrán crear físicamente una canción simplemente con una mesa de cristal y unos disquetes.

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