Tajima Under Pressure Workshop

Tajima Under Pressure

Instructors: Gen Moisan + Alex Bachmayer
Who: T&M Members
When: Monday, March 29th, 13h30-16h30 EST (Zoom) + 3 hour session (TBD amongst workshop participants)

In this workshop you are going to learn about basic soft electronic circuits and Arduino coding. You are going to experiment and program a file for the Tajima laying machine to lay conductive thread and make your own DIY pressure sensor. The pressure applied to the sensor will be recorded by a small micro-controller board and then made visible using an RGB neopixel light.

Workshop format:

Two online sessions over two weeks with some Illustrator design work in between. After completion, you will receive or pick-up your embroidered circuit with your sensor and electronic kit.

Workshop Prerequisites:

Drawing with Threads, Merit of Making (and if possible, In the Loop).

Software Prerequisites: Adobe Illustrator

This workshop is free of charge. Spaces limited.

Please e-mail textiles.materiality@concordia.ca to register.

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