Barbara Layne at Art Souterrain

Innovative Mexico City textile artist Amor Muñoz has an artwork in Montreal as part of Art Souterrain 2021.  The Mexican Consulate of Montreal is hosting a two part round table affiliated with the event on March 26 at 6pm. Barbara Layne will be participating in Part 2.  

Register here:  Https://

All presentations are in English.

1st. Block (40 min). Presentation of the Book and a dialogue around the Hybrida project 
Cuauhtémoc Medina / Chief Curator of MUAC.
Juan Ayala / Director of the El Aleph Festival
Amor Muñoz / Visual Artist
Dulce Pinzón / Visual artist, curator

2nd. Block (40 min). A conversation about Textiles and new media.
Bárbara Layne / New media and academic artist.
Laura Acosta + Santiago Tavera / Transdisciplinary artists
Amor Muñoz / Visual Artist
Dulce Pinzón / Visual artist, curator

Amor Muñoz

 Amor works across textiles, performance, drawing, sound and experimental electronics to explore the relationship between technology and society, showing a special interest in the interaction between material forms and social discourse. She is particularly interested in how technology affects fabrication systems and how manual labor and handcrafts are changing in a contemporary global economy. Her research is focused on the history of technology, language systems, technological obsolescence, appropriated technologies, handicraft and production systems. Her process is linked to DIY strategies and the Maker movement.  Her recent work is published in a book, Hybrida.

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